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Pegram's Stores, Gloucester. Wilfrid Rawlings Tapscott, third from right

Wilfrid Rawlings Tapscott was born in Bridgwater, Somerset, on 19th January, 1885, the son of Fred Tapscott and Emma Rawlings and had served an apprenticeship with William Horril, a grocer, at Regent Street,  Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset.

The Esplanade, Burnham-on-Sea .
Real-Photo Postcard published by J. Salmon, Sevenoaks

When his apprenticeship came to an end Wilfrid moved to Gloucester where he worked for Pegram’s Stores in Eastgate Street as a grocer’s assistant.  Wilfrid married the widowed Jessie (James) Gough on 1st December, 1906 at the church of St. John the Baptist, Gloucester.

St. John the Baptist, Northgate St. Gloucester

Child of Wilfrid Rawlings Tapscott and Jessie James is:

Lionel Rawlings Tapscott who was born on 21st October 1907 in Gloucester and died on 23 March 2001

Wilfrid left the family home soon after the birth of his son in 1907, for reasons which can not now be known. He arrived in Australia on 2nd March 1908 having sailed from Plymouth aboard the ship ‘Asturias’on a third class ticket probably bought by his father. In 1913 he married Daisy Wilkins and raised a family.

Jessie James's birth record has not been found but according to the 1891 and 1901 censuses and to her declared age on marriage, she was born in 1880. However, she cannot be found on the 1881 census which was taken on 3rd April so the possibility is that she was born after that date. Neither is her father's name known and her mother had been widowed since before 1871. Jessie apparently did not know who he was either and gave his name variously as Charles James, James James and Henry Flucke, who was her grandfather.

117 Oxford Road, where Jessie lived with her mother

Jessie had been teaching, probably music, in her mother's privately run school in Gloucester in 1901. She married their lodger, Douglas Charles Gough, a grocer's assistant and farmer's son from Westbury on Severn and they had a son, Reginald James Gough in 1903. Jessie's first husband died a year later. After Wilfrid left home she supported herself and her two small sons, probably through her music talents, being both a singer and a violinist.

Jessie had a daughter, Ruby Isobel, in 1910 who lived for only 18 months and she remarried on 25 February 1914 to Arthur Price, a greengrocer. They lived in Cecil Road, Gloucester with Jessie’s two sons who attended Cecil road School. Arthur Price, who had the unexplained family nickname 'Hangman Price', had a greengrocery store in Barton Street. After leaving home, Reginald Gough, Jessie's first son, who was also a greengrocer, married Polly Harvey at St. Marks, Kingsholm, Gloucester on 1st September, 1922 and they lived in Columbia Street Gloucester. They had two children, Ronald James Gough and June Eileen Gough. Ronald was married and emigrated to Australia during the 1960s while June also married and had a hairdressing salon in Slaney Street, Tredworth, Gloucester.