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St. Mary's Church, Bridgwater , 1920
Postcard printed by Frederic H Light, Cornhill, Bridgwater

Elizabeth Ann Tapscott was born in 1859 in Puriton Somerset, and died in 1902 in Bridgwater, Somerset. She married Walter Peirce in 1885 in Bridgwater, Somerset. He was born in 1845 in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, and died after 1901.

In 1881 Elizabeth Ann Tapscott was working as a domestic servant for James Wood Sully and his wife Mary Emma (Coker) and family, of Bridgwater, an accountant and son of a Bridgwater ship owner. They were living at 52 Cathcart Road, London Middlesex.

Elizabeth returned to Bridgwater before 1885 when she married Walter Peirce, a widower, who had previously been married to Jane Caller and had five children, Henry, Herbert, Blanche Louisa, Amy Jane and Mabel Peirce. Jane (Caller) Peirce had died in 1884. Walter was a grocer of 39 Church Street, Bridgwater.

Children of Elizabeth Tapscott and Walter Peirce are:

William Arthur Peirce born in 1887, in Bridgwater, Somerset.
Hilda blanch Peirce born in 1891, in Bridgwater, Somerset.
Ethel May Peirce born in 1894, in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Elizabeth Ann died in 1902, in Bridgwater, Somerset