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St. Mary's Church, Shapwick

Robert Vincent Tapscott was born about 1822 and baptised in High Ham, Somerset on 6th January, 1826. He was the son of Robert Tapscott and Elizabeth Holway who were from Devon.  Robert was baptised with his brother Frederick in 1826 when they were aged about 4 and 3 respectively, and a younger brother, Samuel, had already been baptised at around the time of his birth in 1825.  This is unexplained.

Robert was a carpenter and wheelwright, probably having served an apprenticeship but a record of this service has not been found. Neither has he been found on the 1841 census when he would have been at the end of that apprenticeship.

He married Ann Hucker of Othery, Somerset on 28th October, 1848 at the Sion Chapel, Othery. On the 1851 census he is recorded as a carpenter and wheelwright with his wife and three-month old son Fred in Shapwick, Somerset. In 1853 the family moved to Moorlinch, not very far away, probably so Robert could take up his own business and their second son, John Vincent, was born that year at the home of Ann’s parents in Othery. Two more sons were born while they were in Moorlinch but by the time their only daughter came along in 1859 they had moved to Puriton near Bridgwater. Three more sons followed but one, Cyrus, who was born in 1863 died two years later and was buried in the Congregational Chapel yard at Puriton.

Robert was a Congregational lay preacher, travelling many miles by horse to visit the non-conformist congregations in Independent Chapels and private homes who listened to his sermons. Returning one day from one such journey his horse slipped in a stream and Robert was thrown into the water. As a result of this accident he caught a chill and died from an asthma attack at the young age of 44, on 1st March 1866. Robert had suffered from asthma for many years, according to his death certificate.  He was buried at the Congregational Chapel yard, Puriton.

Children of Robert Tapscott and Ann Hucker are:

Fred Tapscott, who born on 17 July 1850, at Shapwick Somerset and died in 1941 at Bridgwater, Somerset.

John Vincent Tapscott, who was born in 1853 in Othery Somerset and died after 1901.

William Henry Hucker Tapscott, who was born in 1857 at Moorlinch Somerset and died after 1901.

Eli Tapscott, who was born in 1858 at Moorlinch Somerset and died after 1927.

Elizabeth Ann Tapscott, who was born in 1859 at Puriton Somerset and died in 1902.

Amos Tapscott, who was born in 21st July 1861 at Puriton Somerset and died after 1901.

Cyrus Tapscott, who was born in 1863 at Puriton Somerset and died on 14th March, 1865 at Puriton, Somerset. Cause of death was convulsions, probably brought on by fever during teething.

Robert Vincent Tapscott, who was born on 12 March 1866 at Puriton Somerset and died on 28 May, 1906 at Charminster, Dorset. Robert was a clerk in 1881 and 1891 and a commercial traveller in 1901. He was involved in a motor accident in Oxford in 1903 as a result of which he was in hospital until he died of a brain haemorrhage in 1906. 

Ann Hucker's Bible and its endpapers

Robert Vincent Tapscott's widow Ann Hucker lived at Wellington Road, Bridgwater until her death in 1914. Ann is buried at the main Bristol Road Cemetery, Bridgwater.

Headstone of Ann Hucker Tapscott and her son Robert Vincent Tapscott

Shapwick photo from Geograph