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Roman Quay on the River Severn at Gloucester, historic docks beyond

Lionel Rawlings Tapscott was born in Gloucester on 21st October 1907, the son of Wilfrid Rawlings Tapscott and Jessie James.

Lionel standing, with stepfather Arthur Price, 1923

Lionel (Leo) Tapscott joined the Royal Berkshire Regiment in 1923 when he was 15, giving his age as 17 and was serving in India on his 16th birthday. He trained as a signalman rising to staff sergeant and served seven years before discharge. He returned to Gloucester and married Winifred Fisher and their son Leo Frederick Ronald Tapscott was born soon after.  Winifred was the daughter of Frederick Joseph Norman Fisher who had been born in Swindon, Wiltshire and Catherine Harris of County Cork, Ireland.  Winifred had three sisters, Catherine, Georgina and Hilda May. 

Lionel and Winifred, 1935

Lionel Rawlings Tapscott, Bombay 1939

The 1930s were hard for Leo and Winifred and their small son, as they were for everyone else and Leo frequently walked many miles chasing the offer of work. This was well before the advent of the welfare state and there was little or no financial help.  Home was three rented rooms in a Victorian villa in Cromwell Street where they led a hand-to-mouth existence.  He was in the army reserves and was therefore called up before the outbreak of war, serving in Burma and Europe and was evacuated from Dunkirk.

Winifred and Leo

After the war, Lionel and Winifred settled to life in Gloucester with their two children, Leo and Hilda May, who was born 12 years after her brother. Lionel had joined the Post Office Telephones and worked for the rest of his working life in the line for which he was trained in the army.

The Tapscott family, Gloucester

Son Leo attended the Crypt Grammar School for boys in Gloucester where he excelled at languages and the classics and developed his life-long passions for cricket, rugby, swimming and weight training.  When he left home for his National Service his sister had just started school and went on to attend the Ribston Hall Grammar School for girls, going on to work in social services. 

Lionel (Leo) and family

Hilda married Brian Boakes and they had two children. Brian died in 2002. Their children married, Stephanie to Lee and Lawrence to Elizabeth. Stephanie and Lee have two daughters.

Winifred died on 3rd March 1993 in Gloucester and Lionel died on 23rd March 2001, also in Gloucester.

Lionel and Winifred, Golden Wedding Anniversary