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The Green, High Ham

Jane Tapscott was born 1815 in Isle Brewers, Somerset, and died in April 1879 in High Ham Somerset. She married Joseph Groves 1836 in St. Mary's, Redcliffe, Bristol. He was born 1814 in High Ham Somerset, and died in 1882 in High Ham Somerset. Joseph was a farmer of High Ham.

Child of Jane Tapscott is:

 Emily Jane Tapscott who was born in 1835, High Ham in Somerset and died in June 1893 at Henley, High Ham, Somerset. Emily was raised by her grandmother and the extended family and was known as Emily Groves which might imply that Joseph Groves accepted paternity. In 1861 Emily is shown on the census as being a dairymaid and her uncles Henry and Frederick and aunt Sarah jointly running the farm.  She didn’t marry and was left five pounds and a feather bed in her grandmother’s will.

Children of Jane Tapscott and Joseph Groves are:

Ophelia Groves was born in 1837 in High Ham Somerset England, and died in 1915 in Bridgwater, Somerset. She married Charles Coles. He was born 1838 in Bawdrip Somerset, and died March 1916 in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Children of Ophelia Groves and Charles Coles are:

Lavinia Coles who was born in 1863, Bridgwater, Somerset.
Henry Coles who was born in 1865, Bridgwater, Somerset.
Charles Coles who was born in 1866, Bridgwater, Somerset.
Emily Jane Coles who was born in 1868, Highbridge, Somerset.
Frederick George Coles who was born in 1869, Highbridge, Somerset.
Ophelia Jane Coles who was born and died in 1871, Highbridge, Somerset.
Treandaphelia Abigail Coles who was born in 1876, Highbridge, Somerset.

Isabella Groves who was born in 1839 in High Ham Somerset England and died in 1891 in Huish Episcopi, Somerset She married John Gray, a ship broker.
Isabella had four children before she married, the first three being with her on the 1871 census:

Albert Victor Groves born 1865, Hampstead, London
Frederick Ernest Groves born 1869, Notting Hill, London
Edwin Groves born in 1870, Bayswater, London
Albertina Groves born 1872, Bayswater, London

Child of Isabella Groves and John Gray is:
Lilian Gray born in 1878 at Huish Episcopi, Somerset

Treandaphelia Groves who was born in 1841 at High Ham Somerset, died in 1875 and was buried there on 17 May 1875.

Malachi Edward Groves who was born on 4 April 1843 at Berrow, Somerset and died on 23 March 1916 in Orroroo, South Australia. He married Jane Groves Tapscott on 5 May 1882 in Johnburgh, South Australia daughter of Samuel Tapscott who was his mother’s brother. Malachi was farming in Australia and he and Jane had 12 children:

Jessie Violet Frances Groves born 1 September 1883, South Australia died 17 July 1957, Orroroo, South Australia.
Reuben William Bertram Groves born 12 November 1884, Coomooroo, South Australia died South Australia.
Deathea Blanche Priscilla Groves born 4 January 1886, Coomooroo, South Australia died South Australia.
Vincent Robin Melville Groves born 12 September 1887, Coomooroo, South Australia died 14 October 1941, Orroroo, South Australia
Harriet Selina Nettie Groves born 5 September 1888, Coomooroo, South Australia died about 1956, Mt Pleasant South Australia.
Bruce George Garfield Groves born 3 May 1890, Coomooroo, South Asutralia died 26 May 1912, Petersburg, Near Peterborough South Australia
Pearl Druscilla Abigail Groves born 10 October 1891, Coomooroo, South Asutralia died 25 September 1894, Orroroo, South Asutralia
Millicent Florence Phyllis Groves born 19 March 1893, Coomooroo, South Australia died 6 February 1974, South Australia.
Doris Ophelia Valise Elfreda Groves born 4 July 1894, South Australia died 9 February 1956, Orroroo, South Asutralia
Samuel Leslie Seymour Groves born 2 February 1896, Coomoroo South Australia died South Australia.
Queenie Mignonette Valerie Joyce Groves born 19 February 1898, Coomooroo, South Australia died 22 July 1970, Mt Pleasant, South Australia.
Malachi Edward Tapscott Groves born 17 May 1901, Coomooroo, South Australia died South Australia.

Arabella Groves who was born in 1844 at Berrow Somerset and died in August 1889.

Druscilla Groves who was born in 1847 in Berrow, Somerset. She married Solomon Thyer a blacksmith and they had 5 children:

Annie Thyer born 1876 in High Ham, Somerset
Francis Thyer born 1879 in High Ham, Somerset
Zebedee Thyer born 1880 in High Ham, Somerset
Ernest Thyer born 1883 in High Ham, Somerset
Abigail Thyer born 1887 in High Ham, Somerset
Orlando Thyer born 1888 in High Ham, Somerset

Abigail Groves who was born in 1849 in High Ham, Somerset and died on 5 November 1873, High Ham, Somerset

Orlando Groves who was born in 1848, at Berrow, Somerset. Orlando was a stationary engine driver and he married (1) Emma Ann Puddy who died in 1893. He married (2) Martha Jane Nelmes. Orlando and Martha had one child:

Rona Groves born 1893, Bridgwater, Somerset

Theophilus Groves who was born in1851, Berrow Somerset and died on 17 June 1922 at High Ham Somerset. Theophilus was a farmer of High Ham and he married Mary Louisa Thyer, second cousin to Solomon Thyer who married Theophilus’s sister Druscilla Groves. Theophilus and Mary Louisa had 7 children:

Joseph Groves born in 1884 in High Ham, Somerset
Edwin Groves born in 1885 in High Ham, Somerset
Ada Groves born in 1887 in High Ham, Somerset
Arthur Groves born in 1889 in High Ham, Somerset
Abigail Groves born in 1891 in High Ham, Somerset
Elsie Groves born in 1893 in High Ham, Somerset
Florence Groves born in 1897 in High Ham, Somerset

William James Groves who was born in 1852 in High Ham Somerset. He was a farmer and he married Kate Windsor. They had two children:

George Groves born 1887 in High Ham, Somerset
Thomas Groves born 1888 in High Ham, Somerset

Theodore Groves who was born in 1854 in High Ham Somerset. He was a mason and builder and he died in 1904.

Dido Groves who was born in 1855 in Bawdrip Somerset and was a nurse. Dido died at High Ham in September 1928.

This is a transcript of a letter written by Joseph Groves to his son Malachi:

Feb. 23rd 1880

Dear Malachi

Now I will tell you a little about the country. Things are very bad. All the sheep nearly all gon through out the countrey there livers or full of flooks Theophilis have bin trieng to breed some young Beast there was a deasease amongst thim bought two of the best calves of Mrs Travis the best of thim died Theo say he Cannot go any Farther with it I have tried to geet a little money from my Sons and Daughters Two of my daughters have given mee something so I shall be thankfull if the rest of my Sons and daughters will give me something also. There have been three funerals. Now your Poore mother is dead I should say at the least L10 Each The doctor still is not paid yet that is over two pounds for your Mother I have not wrote for some time I have much pain in my knee it is very weake cannot go without a stick we are very short of provision Potates nearly all gon Cider none The apple tree blowed all over the country in full bloome the bligh come and cut thim nearly all of Sheds more have bin verry bad all under water two winters past and one weet summer this have bin along winter great dile of frost nearly three months A little give out between The wheat is only coming up now that was sown in November Just see it som people think it will be lost Great dile of it no sheep shorning no apple picking no keeping if continue this
I gave Dido Jane Groves Tapscott address so I suppose she told you of your Brothers death I could not write verry well a long time it seem since I seen you but I hope we shall be happeyer when we meet a gain
I remain yours
Most Affectionate Father
Joseph Groves

This is a letter from Malachi Edward Groves, C/f S.S. Tapscott, Mount Pleasant, South Australia, to his brother in England. ..... dated October 10 1875

My Dear Brother

I have know taken the opportunity to write you a few times I have know recevid you letter & wos very glad to hear from you wont to know when I am coming home but I cannot say when If a man com out hear he his not very fast in coming home again but know avery thing all up side down know I never hear from Father nor Mother now but now Tryanna his dead I shall not mouch about from there is know one home to write to me now I like to hear from home and see how you are all geat on I am now in Adelaide for short time I am goine out to Uncle Sam plast before long he is very bad I have not seen him very near 4 years he is bad in bad I hear your ar dowing very will at Donbowl.
I am now just from Sydney & I am goine over to Melbourne as soun as I com from Uncle Sam over to Melbourn I shall not geat your letters not before I com back again If willie his plough man he would do for beter out hear then home avery bodey as to work hard out hear when thay com farst
Is Father not abel to write now. I will be back about Christmas time again If you write to me a gane to Uncle Sam place you write and let me know if any one of our Brothers would like to com out hear or not there is a ship lode wil be hear before long now from home now I hope this will find you in good helth as it leve me at prasant time

I remain your truly affectionately Brather
Malachi Groves
Malachi groves Mount Pleasant
C/o Mr S S Tapscott South Australia

Malachi Groves, wife Jane Tapscott and family, Australia