. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .The Tapscott-Kennington Butterfly

St. Mary's Parish Church, Ilminster, 1910
Postcard published by Chapman and Son, Dawlish

Ann Tapscott was born about 1808 in Culmstock, Devon, and died in 1858 in Glastonbury, Somerset. She married Samuel Dinham on 16 February 1836 in the Parish Church, Ilminster, Somerset, son of Joseph Dinham and Mary. He was born in 1808 in Ilminster in Somerset, and died at Crewkerne, Somerset in 1878. 

Ann probably did not accompany the rest of the family to High Ham when they left Isle Brewers but went to work in Ilminster which was nearby. She may have been living or working in the household of one of the Tapscott families who lived there. They were innkeepers at various establishments including the Grapes, the Bell Inn and the Swan Hotel; Ann married an ostler, who tends the horses brought in by travellers at  coaching inns and other hostelries. One of the witnesses at their marriage was Harriet Durman who was the niece of one of the Tapscott innkeepers of Ilminster.

Children of Ann Tapscott and Samuel Dinham are:

Frederick Dinham who was born in 1842 at Glastonbury, Somerset and died in 1901 in Wells, Somerset, age 62. He was a coachman and married Tamar Elizabeth Leige. They had no children.

Jane Dinham who was born in 1843, Glastonbury, Somerset. Jane died in High Ham, Somerset and was buried there on 22 February 1846.

Henry Dinham who was born in 1845 in Glastonbury, Somerset and died in 1918 in Plumstead, Kent. Henry married Emma Bulgin and they had 7 children:

Rosa Jane Dinham born in 1864 at Dowlish Wake, Somerset and died in 1898 at Woolwich, Kent, age 33.
Jesse Dinham born in 1866 at Drayton, Somerset.
Julia Ann Dinham born in 1869 at Dowlish Wake, Somerset.
John Dinham born in 1871 at Plumstead, Kent, married Lily James in 1913
Fred Dinham born in 1874 at Plumstead, Kent.
Lydia Maria Dinham born in 1876 at Plumstead, Kent.
Phoebe Esther Dinham born in 1884, Plumstead, Kent died in 1899, Plumstead, Kent, age 16

Samuel Dinham who was born in 1853 in Glastonbury, Somerset. He married Eleanor Daniels in 1874 in Pontypridd, Glamorgan. Samuel was a tailor and in 1881 he and his wife were staying at the Bell Inn, Ilminster.
They had three children:

Margaret Ann Dinham born in 1875 in Pentre, Glamorgan, Wales.
Frederick Dinham born in 1876 in Pentre, Glamorgan, Wales.
Samuel Dinham born in 1877 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales.