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Dunholme and St. Chad's Church

Stephen Kennington was born 20 February 1842 in Dunholme, Lincolnshire, and died 19 September 1903 in Chicago, Illinois, age 61. He married Rosalie Stutzreim, daughter of C Stutzreim and Christine (or Ernstine). She was born in 1848 in Mecklenberg, Prussia, and died on 18 September 1886 in Chicago, Illinois, age 38.

In 1858 Stephen accompanied his brother William to Lincoln railway station when William was emigrating to Australia and then New Zealand and 8 years later Stephen also emigrated, but to Chicago, Illinois.  In 1861 Stephen had been a 20 year-old journeyman butcher working in Peterborough and he continued his trade in Chicago.

Immigration and Passenger records:
Stephen Kennington
arrival date: 4 August 1866
age 24
occp: butcher
port of departure: London, England
Destination: U.S.A.
Place of origin: England
Ship: Hudson
Port of arrival: New York

Wrigley Building, Chicago
Postcard printed by AC Procucts, USA

From 1870 Stephen is recorded in Chicago as a butcher by which time he was married to Rosalie Stutzreim who had arrived from Prussia with her parents and siblings in 1860.

On 18 September 1886 Stephen had lost his wife to puerperal metro peritonitis, leaving him with his middle child, son John. He died in 1903.

Death Certificate # 90906 Rose Kennington
Age 38 yrs. 10 months - days
date of death: 18 September 1886 2 a.m.
Place of birth: Germany
How long in this state? 27 yrs.
Place of death: #277 26th St. Ward 5 Chicago
Cause of death: puerperal metro peritonitis
Duration of disease: 5 weeks Place of burial: Oakwoods
A.S. Munsell, MD

Death Certificate # 8655 Stephen Kennington
Place of birth: England Age: 61 yrs. Lived in Illinois: 33 yrs.
Date of death: 19 September 1903 at 3 p.m.
Widowed occup: retired
Place of Death: 4465 Princeton Ave. Ward 30 Chicago
Place of Burial: Oakwoods
Cause of Death: hemorrhage of brain

Children of Stephen Kennington and Rosalie Stutzteim are :

Lucy Kennington who was born in 1870 in Chicago, Illinois, USA; and died of diphtheria on 30 October 1886, Chicago, Illinois, age 16.

Death Certificate # 92610 Miss Lucy Kennington
Age 16 yrs. single
Date of death: 30 October 1886 2 p.m.
Place of death: 277 26th St. ward 5 Chicago
Cause of death: Diptheria
Duration of disease: 10 days to 2 weeks
Place of burial: Oakwoods J. Harrington, MD

John S Kennington was born 1873 in Illinois, USA, and died 2 October 1945 in Chicago, Illinois. He married Nettie Smith in 1897 in Mississippi, USA. She was born 1871 in Tennessee, USA, and died 4 November 1946 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Children of John Kennington and Nettie Smith are:
Stephenetta E Kennington born in June 1898, Mississippi, USA and died on 26 January 1927, Cook County, Illinois.
Lucy V Kennington born on 12 May 1900, Mississippi, USA and died in September 1978, in California, USA. She married Bert F Dungan in 1925 who was born in 1895, in Iowa, USA and died in April 1946, in Glendale, Los Angeles, California.
Mary R Kennington born on 18 March 1904, Mississippi, USA and died on 16 December 1987, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She married Harold D Orr who died in November 1968, Chicago
John A Kennington was born in 1907, in Chicago, Illinois and died on 18 August  1961 in colorado Springs 
Edythe L Kennington was born on October 1909, in Illinois, USA and died before 1964, in Bexar County, Texas. She married William Chapman Chamberlain who was born in 1907, in Texas, USA and died in Texas.

Stephen H Kennington who was born on 29 January 1884 in Chicago, Illinois and died of diphtheria on 19 October 1886, Chicago, Illinois, age 2 years.

Death Certificate #92626 Stephen Kennington
Age 2 yrs. 8 months
Date of death: 19 October 1886 7 p.m.
Place of birth: Chicago How long a resident of this state: 2 yrs. 8 months
Place of death: 277 26th St. ward 5
Cause of death: Croupous Diptheria Duration: 1 week
Place of burial: Oakwoods
A.S. Munsell, MD