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The Lord Nelson Inn, Dunholme

John Kennington was born on 21 June 1815 and baptised on 21 August 1815 at Fiskerton, Lincolnshire, the son of Thomas Kennington and Faith Fowler.

In 1841 John was an agricultural labourer working at Dunholme, Lincolnshire while his father, Thomas Kennington was a publican in nearby Nettleham. On 7th June, 1836, John had married Mary Harrison, the daughter of William Harrison, a butcher of Lincoln and Mary Perrin, who was landlady of the Lord Nelson Inn at Dunholme, Lincolnshire. 

Marriage Dunholme Parish Register Transcription
John Kennington, bachelor & Mary Harrison, spinster on 7th June 1836

St. Chad's, Dunholme

By 1851 John was a farmer of 11 acres on Lincoln road.  John and Mary farmed in Dunholme all their lives and had nine children. John consistently said in census returns that he was born in Reepham, one and a half miles from Fiskerton, which seems to indicate that the family lived there during his early youth.  Certainly many of his siblings were buried there.  There were many family members in the area and the Lord Nelson Inn remained in one branch of the family or other for many years with John briefly taking the license after Mary had died. He moved in with his son James in Grantham for the last few years of his life, finally moving to Welton Ryland and his daughter and son-in-law Helen Faith and Moses Boulton, after James died two months before he did.

Children of John Kennington and Mary Harrison are:

William Kennington was born on 21 August, 1836 in Dunholme, Lincolnshire and died on 26th July, 1913 in Okaramio, New Zealand. William married Mary Cargill.

James Kennington was born on 3rd June, 1838 at Dunholme, Lincolnshire and died in the third quarter of 1893 in Grantham, Lincolnshire. James was a butcher of Grantham who married Elizabeth Brackenbury.

Ellen Jane Kennington was born on 8 October 1839 in Dunholme, Lincolnshire, died in October 1839 at Dunholme, Lincolnshire and was buried there on 17 October 1839.

Henry John Kennington was born 27 September 1840, Dunholme, Lincolnshire died December 1844, at Dunholme, Lincolnshire and was buried there on 1 January 1845

Stephen Kennington was born on 20 February 1842 at Dunholme, Lincolnshire and died on 19 September 1903, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Stephen emigrated to Chicago c1860, he was a butcher.

Charles Kennington was born on 23 April 1843 at Dunholme, Lincolnshire, died in January 1846, Dunholme, Lincolnshire and was buried there on 8 January 1846.

Helen Faith Kennington was born on 16 March 1845 at Dunholme, Lincolnshire. Helen married Moses George Boulton and lived at Welton Ryland.

Lucy Kennington was born 8 April 1848, Dunholme, Lincolnshire. Lucy married George Gibbons.

George Kennington born December 1851, Dunholme, Lincolnshire; died 1852, Dunholme, Lincolnshire.

The Lord Nelson Inn was used as the venue for local inquests as this instance shows:


An Inquest held at the house of Mrs Mary Harrison known by the sign of the Lord Nelson Inn in the parish of Dunholme 5 Sep 1831 on view of the body of James Watts Hall aged about 30 years. Died by the visitation of God. [LQS A/1/539/136]

Mary Harrison died on 27th August, 1880 in Dunholme, and John Kennington died of heart disease on 14th November, 1893 at his daughter's home in Welton Ryland and was buried in Dunholme. The death was reported to the registrar by Moses Boulton, the husband of his daughter Helen Faith.

St. Chad's

Headstones of John and Mary Kennington, Dunholme