. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .The Tapscott-Kennington Butterfly

Ken Kennington, Fort Jameson

 Kenneth William Kennington was born in Blenheim, New Zealand on 6th April, 1910, the son of Jacob Kennington and Jean Lyle Gordon, and arrived in Beira, Mozambique (then Portuguese East Africa), in 1926 with his parents and siblings.

They made their home in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, on a small tobacco plantation where Ken worked on the farm for a few years. He served with the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Regiment, King’s African Rifles in East and North Africa during WWII having previously moved to Blantyre, Nyasaland where he worked as a motor mechanic at Stansfield’s Garage. Ken married Delia Bridget Hogan, an Irish girl who had a daughter from a previous marriage, Jacquelyn Emel (Molly) Abbott. Medical facilities being basic in Nyasaland at the time, Delia travelled to Durban, Natal, to have her twins and Colleen Mary and Kathleen Ann were born there at the Clarabel nursing home.

Delia Kennington, Fort Jameson

Four years later they had Maureen Delia followed by Patricia Helene and Patrick John, each two years younger than the last and all born in Blantyre.

Ken and Delia Kennington, Limbe dam

Kathy, Colleen, Molly

After attending La Sagesse Convent at Limbe, a kindergarten and primary school run by French nuns for about five years, Colleen and Kathleen attended the Dominican Convent boarding school in Umtali, Rhodesia.   This was a Secondary School where they were taught and cared for by German nuns and they progressed to the High School in Salisbury.  Travelling by steam train, it took them down the southern half of Nyasaland and into P.E.A. (Mozambique), entering Rhodesia in the Eastern Highlands, a journey which took three days. Molly had been there too but had already left school when the twins started there, shortly after the family moved to Lilongwe where Ken joined his brother at Milward’s Garage. The younger three children attended St. Andrew’s School in Blantyre, a Scottish Presbyterian school, also as boarders.

   Kathy,Maureen,Colleen,Trisha                            Colleen, Delia, Kathy                           Ken and Molly

The lives of the pupils at the all-girls convent school mirrored those of the nuns who taught them, with early rising, compulsory attendance at morning Mass, evening Benediction, and the Angelus rung out three times a day. There were lengthy enforced periods of silence, lessons morning and afternoon, two-hours of study in the evening and Victorian modesty dress codes. The benefit was the best education to be had by the daughters of unwealthy non-government employees.

  Kathy,Patrick,Colleen,Trisha,Maureen                    Maureen, Delia, Ken                             Kathy, Molly

On leaving school Colleen found herself working in Barclays’ Bank, across the Lilongwe main street from her twin Kathleen who was working at the Standard Bank of South Africa.

Kathleen married Bill Whitehead, a police officer from England, and they had a son, Robert, shortly after which they made their home in England. Bill died at his home in Martin, Lincolnshire on 16th October 2010.

Maureen was working in England when she married Rob Metcalfe, a ship's officer she had met on board during her trip from Africa and they had two children, Trish and Russell. When the marriage came to an end Maureen and the children returned to Africa and there she met and married Peter Sim. They had a son, Wesley. Pete was shot and killed when he was caught in a bandit ambush and Maureen and the children returned to England. Maureen then married Les Fenech. Her children are all married and Wesley has two children.

Patricia married Peter Ferreira, a farmer and auctioneer, they had two children, Kim and Derek, and lived in South Africa. Kim is married and has two children. Patricia died on 13th February, 2005.

Ken Kennington, 1970s, Lake Nyasa

Patrick married Rita who died in 2006. Patrick is a skilled sheet metal worker in the aircraft industry; they had no children and lived in Johannesburg.

Patrick Kennington

Ken remained at Milward’s for the rest of his working life, moving to the stores department when his eyesight deteriorated and retired to Port Alfred in South Africa. Delia died on 29th July, 1983, her sixty-ninth birthday and Ken died on 6th April 1990, his eightieth birthday.

Kathy, Ken, Colleen, Trisha, Port Alfred, April, 1989